Best of the week – August 18, 2012

Some interesting articles I read this week…

 Get It for Free!

Some good money saving ideas on free entertainment and other things.

The Verdict Is In: Tackle Smaller Debts First

Interesting article in Time. A pair of researchers from Northwestern University have concluded that paying off debts smallest to largest really is the most effective way of getting out of debt. Maybe Dave Ramsey really is right. Who knew!

Where All That Gas Money Of Yours Is Going

This article won’t necessarily save you money, but we all feel the pinch when we stop at the pump these days. This article will help you understand where that money is actually going.

How to Manage Money as a College Student

It’s back to school time for many. Some great tips here for kids heading off to college. Learn to live wisely while you are in college so you don’t spend the next 20 years paying for those years.

Avoid Drought Price Hikes – 20 Ways to Save on Food

There are already reports in the news about how the dry weather this summer will soon be taking a bite out of our wallets when we go to the grocery store. Some very basic tips here, but it’s a good list of basic things you can do to soften that blow.

Bonus Fun article of the week

27 Toys You Threw Out That Are Worth a Fortune Now

Anyone lucky enough to have one of these in the basement?

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