Best of the Week – August 17, 2013

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

5 Things You Can Recycle at Home to Use for Other Purposes 

Some creative uses here of things we might otherwise throw away. (Though I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt here and hope #3 isn’t really suggesting used floss!)

5 Things I’ll Pay More For (and 4 Things I Won’t)

So what do you think? Find the cheapest deal possible? Or you get what you pay for? I agree with the basic premise here that it very much depends. My wife will tell you am somewhat annoyingly cheap when it comes to clothes. I used to buy dress shoes at a major discount retailer for $20-$25. I wear them every day, and I was having to get a new pair every couple of months. Realized if I buy a more expensive pair, they last much longer and in the end it really is cheaper. On the other hand there are many things where it makes sense to just find the cheapest deal possible. For many grocery items we have found there is little difference between the name brand and the store brand except for a big difference in price.

10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy a New Home

Home ownership is a dream of many, but it can be a nightmare if you jump in when you are not ready as many have found out in the last 5 years. If you are thinking about buying, consider these questions to help you decide if you are really ready or not.

7 Little Things to Help You Win with Money

I am convinced for many of us it isn’t the big events that sink us financially, it is the little day-to-day decisions that have a much greater negative impact on us.

The cost of technology

The “extras” can add up in a hurry and this isn’t only a technology issue. I remember a former pastor telling about having once been given a free bed by one of the members of the congregation. Except the “free” bed was a different size than their current bed. So that meant new sheets. And of course they also needed a new bed spread. And the new bed spread didn’t match their curtains so they had to get new curtains. Etc. Etc. When it was all said and done the “free” bed cost him a lot of money.

Car maintenance: Don’t skip these 8 moves

A good quality used car can save you thousands of dollars and give you years of good service. One of the keys though is making sure of those little maintenance items that are easy to ignore. A few dollars on maintenance can save big on repairs.

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