F5F3E1-smallI  spent most of my life living like an average American. By average American I mean I mostly spent what I made. Had a little in savings but not enough to really cover a true emergency. Used my credit cards when I didn’t have cash to buy what I wanted. Couldn’t imagine that I’d ever see a day where I didn’t have at least one car payment. While I was never in dire financial straits, I pretty much lived paycheck to paycheck.

I eventually reached the point where I was fed up with being “average”. Through the influences of Dave Ramsey and also Crown Financial Ministries, my family and I learned to make the short-term sacrifices necessary to dig our way out of the prison of debt. In March of 2009 we paid off our last debt except for our house. There is great freedom in no longer living paycheck to paycheck with most of your money already committed to one bank or another before you even see it.

I am also a Christian. The Bible is packed with practical wisdom from God regarding how to handle our finances. I hope through this blog to share wisdom I have found in the Bible, from other authors, as well as practical experience. If you are not a Christian I hope you will still stick around here as I believe th Bible’s advice on money is intensely practical and will serve anyone well regardless of your faith.

Helping people escape the bondage that comes from living paycheck to paycheck has become a personal passion. My hope is this blog will be one avenue for accomplishing that purpose.

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