Best of the week – November 30, 2013

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Everything Is Amazing and Nobody Is Happy

Some very good perspective on where we are today. If you do not read any of the other articles here, read this one. So much of our perspective tends to be based on the news we receive. But understand that bad news not good news sells. Our news sources will always be dominated by bad news. Certainly, many people in our society are still hurting from the results of the Great Recession in 2008 and 2009, but in truth even those of us that are struggling are still rich by worldly standards and generally rich by our grandparents standards.

13 Things to Teach Your Children

Terrific practical list. If you can impress these 13 things upon your children while they are young, they’ll have a huge leg up on the rest of their life.

Why Paying Down Debt Is Better Than Investing In The Stock Market

There are many financial advisers who will promote investing your money instead of paying off lower interest rate debts. While there may be some apparent mathematical logic to this, the thing they almost never take into account is risk. Debt always adds risk to your life. Always! The peace that comes from knowing you have no payments is worth far more than any gains you may or may not receive from an investment.

5 Rules To Finding Cheap Airline Flight Tickets

Airline tickets can vary greatly in price for the same seat and the same flight. Finding the best deals sometimes is more art than science along with some persistence and luck. This article lists some of the factors that affect ticket prices and how you can work those to your advantage.

Over 70% of Employees Missing Out on Pretax Dollars for Medical Expenses

Health Savings Accounts and Flexible Spending Accounts are tremendous ways to plan for and to save on medical expenses. If you have the opportunity to use one of these programs through your work, take advantage of them.

How to Lower Your Property Taxes, And When Not to Try It

Property values in many areas have bounced back from their 2008 lows, but even still depending on when your home was last evaluated, it is possible your county has over valued your home and you may be paying more property taxes than you need to be paying. If you think this may be true for you, there is a process by which you can challenge your property valuation.

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