Best of the week – July 26, 2014

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

A Singular Focus of Paying Off Debt Leads to Peace

I am a firm believer that lack of focus is one of the things that prevent people from getting out of debt. When you are trying to accomplish ten different financial goals at once, it is hard to feel like you are making much progress on any of them. The natural result of that is discouragement. It becomes very easy to just give up when you feel like all your efforts aren’t really making a difference. When we focus on one thing at a time though, we start to see that our sacrifice is making a difference. That provides the encouragement we need to press forward.

Family Fun…For FREE!

Family fun doesn’t have to imply spending a lot of money. In fact, sometimes the most fun and the things the kids will still remember 50 years from now are things that don’t cost any money at all.

Why Debt Consolidation Doesn’t Work

The biggest problem with debt consolidation is it gives the mistaken impression that you have accomplished something. We give it away in the verbiage we use. We say, “I got a debt consolidation loan and paid off my credit cards.” Truth is, we didn’t pay off anything. We simply reshuffled the deck chairs on the Titanic. Without a change of the behavior that got us in debt, in a few years we’ll find ourselves in worse shape than when we started.

How Much Does it Really Cost to Rent a RV?

We recently got back from a vacation in the west where we visited several National Parks. Driving around I saw lots of the Cruise America rental RV’s. I wondered how much it would really cost to tour around in one of those. Jeff Rose at Good Financial Cents just got back from a family vacation where they rented an RV.  If you ever wondered about the costs and gotchas of renting one of these, Jeff has a very comprehensive write-up on their experiences.

Why Generosity Is Key to Everything — Including Your Career

Only in the movies does the dishonest backstabber get ahead. Think of it this way: You are a manager of two employees. One is usually smiling and always willing to help out. The other you have trouble trusting because it is obvious they want to get to the top and will step on anyone they need to get there. Which do you want to be around? Which are you more likely to promote? In a healthy organization, the generous will be rewarded.


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