Best of the week – July 20, 2013

Some articles that caught my eye this week…

Make your own quick and easy convenience foods

Pre-packaged foods in general are often more expensive than made from scratch. However, they are popular because they are so easy and convenient. If you are looking to stretch your dollars as far as possible here are some ways you can make your own for common pre-packaged foods.

The Balance Between Faith and Planning Ahead

Sometimes stepping out in faith on something means doing something that makes no earthly sense. A good plan should have options in case things don’t work out. Stepping out in faith often means that if God doesn’t come through there is no plan B. At the same time I think God has given us all brains and at least some measure of common sense and he expects us to use those as well. I think the real key is just being very sensitive to what the Spirit is telling us and that is often not easy. I think too many times “following God” really means doing what we kind of wanted to do anyway and hoping God comes through. That isn’t faith. But if we are as sure as we can be that God is saying to do something, regardless of how illogical that “plan” may be, then we do need to do it, or we may miss out on something really special. Differentiating those can be real hard though.

19 Ways to Talk to Your Kids About Debt

Some great kid-appropriate analogies. Love the one about the ice cream cone. Bottom line is it is so important to talk to your kids about money. If you have made good choices show them how it is has benefited you. And when you do dumb things that cause you pain, let them see that and help them learn from your mistakes.

6 things Dad said then that save money now

Father knows best. Wise words are true regardless of when they are said.

5 Checking & Savings Money Hacks

Love the first tip about direct depositing your pay check to your savings instead of your checking as it forces you to be intentional about what you spend. I would just caution that especially if you have some bills that are auto drafted and you choose this approach, you need to be very disciplined about transferring money over.  Otherwise you may find yourself with a mountain of overdraft fees which would defeat the purpose.

11 Financial Lessons to Avoid Learning the Hard Way

Great list of simple principles to follow.

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