Best of the week – August 10, 2013

Here are some articles that caught my eye this week…

Rewards vs Restraint – Are Credit Cards Worth It?

One comment I hear frequently regarding credit cards is “what’s the big deal as long as I pay it off every month?  Plus I get the rewards. I’m beating the banks at their own game.”  If you are of that opinion check out this article.

8 Things You Don’t Ever Need to Buy New

I’ve gotten great used deals on several of these categories. What success have you had shopping for used merchandise? Post it in the comments.

Teaching Children about Money

Aside from passing along your faith, I think one of the most important things parents need to teach their children is how to handle money. I suspect many fall short in this area largely because their parents never really taught them how to handle money. Make an effort to break that cycle with your kids.

Save big when you switch back to your old cable provider

Changing providers can be a way to save big on your cable bill. Just be careful because often you need to sign up for longer than the promotional rate. If you get a great rate for 12 months but you have to sign up for 2 years make sure you know what you’ll be paying that second year. If you have a provider that you have been with for some time and you don’t really want to leave them, it’s not a bad idea to call and mention the available offer you have and see what they will do. They might not match it exactly, but you might be surprised what kind of discounts they will give to keep you as a customer.

The Average Checking Account Has 30 Separate Fees

One of the reasons I love credit unions is they tend to have way fewer fees than traditional banks. I have been a member of a credit union for nearly 20 years and I don’t remember the last time I was charged a fee. There are a few fees even with credit unions but most often these can be easily avoided, by just paying attention and avoiding overdrafts.

Phone scam lures thousands out of victims

Scammers can be very convincing but do not be fooled. If you get a call indicating you owe money, it is always a good idea to get the name of the organization, hang up, look up the real number and call them back.

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