Making sure you get your pronouns correct when you get married

Marriage is a wonderful thing. Making the adjustment to being married, particularly if you have been single for a while can be a challenge though. When you are single, you become accustomed to coming and going when and where you want, doing what you want, buying what you want, etc. After you say I do, […]

The secret behind Detroit wide receiver Ryan Broyles frugal lifestyle

You may have heard recently the story of Ryan Broyles, the young wide receiver for the Detroit Lions. USA Today, ESPN, Forbes and several other sites have recently run stories about how despite signing a contract for 3.7 million dollars after being drafted by the Lions in 2012, Broyles and his wife budget carefully and […]

Book review: The Legacy Journey by Dave Ramsey

More than 2 million families have attended Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University in the past 20 years. FPU is a great program especially for those who are struggling financially or who have never had the opportunity to learn basic Biblical financial principles. If you follow the plan, eventually you will find yourself debt free with […]

Over 100 budgeting categories to get anyone started planning their spending

One of the first steps to creating a monthly spending plan or budget is figuring out what categories you need to track. One sure path to failure in creating a spending plan is not forgetting to account for normal expenses. Below you find a list of more than 100 potential budgeting categories to get you […]

Why the “secret” to financial success isn’t really a secret

I apologize but it is time for me to rant just a little. Bear with me. I love books. In fact I probably already have enough unread books I have purchased to keep me reading for the next 10-15 years. I admit that my book addiction might be just a little bit of a sickness. […]

A tale of two bills: Finding savings in your monthly expenses

Recently I was looking through my budget looking for things I could cut to add a little bit more margin. There were two things I identified. Tale 1: Our daily newspaper delivery We get one of the local newspapers delivered to our home each day. When I first signed up for the service a few […]

What is the most important question you can ask? Part 2

Last week in part 1 of this series I introduced you to Andy Stanley’s book, Ask It: The Question That Will Revolutionize How You Make Decisions. The book talks about the most important question to ask before making any decision. That question is not is it the right thing to do. The question is “Is […]